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  Petr Kurečka is a well-known Prague based photographer with a knack for good vision. His experience covers a number of different fields including fashion…



Petr Kurečka is a well-known Prague based photographer with a knack for good vision. His experience covers a number of different fields including fashion photography, cityscapes and charity work, to name a few. LUI sat down with Petr to talk about his new provocative series which is currently in the making.

Originally a drawing and painting student from Ostrava, Petr discovered his talents in photography from life drawing classes. He also spent some time in England where he was inspired by the cityscapes of London. Since then, he has become one of the most well-known names in the photography industry both in the Czech Republic and abroad due to his brilliant and captivating work. Petr's work has been down a number of roads, but some of his most well-known work is with charity calendars. Art for Life, Proměny and the James calendar, to name a few. He also photographed the famous Mr International 2012, Ali Hammoud (pictured below).


Ali Hammoud. Photo by Petr Kurečka

Art for Life is a popular HIV awareness calendar that Petr has collaborated with for the last three years. One of his photos included famous Czech actress Zuzana Bydžovská - which he put in an American football uniform to fullfill a life-long dream of hers. Another included singer Tonya Graves surrounded by beautiful men in a sexy tea party that looks very Stanley Kubrick. Although the theme of the calendar changes every year, Petr believes in sticking to an overall theme in his photographs for this calendar; "HIV is about sex, so I always try to exhibit the human body in each photo for this calendar". The latest for 2014 being no exception with ballet dancer Michal Štípa (pictured below).


Michal Štípa, Art for Life 2014. Photo by Petr Kurečka

Tonya Graves 2011 Petr Kurecka coloured

Art for Life 2013. Photo by Petr Kurečka

Art-for-life Zuzana 5718-final

Art for Life 2012. Photo by Petr Kurečka

Recently, Petr christened the brand new James Calendar for 2014. The calendar is made up of a number of black and white photographs of stunning men chosen from finalists of this year's Man of the Year competition. The models are suited up and appear in sexy androgynous James Bondesque poses. The calendar has been made in support of the Dlouhá Cesta (Long Journey) charity.

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vnitrek titulka

James Calendar 2014 Photo. by Petr Kurečka


February James Calendar 2014. Photo by Petr Kurečka

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Cityboy is Petr's latest creation. A series of provocative photographs to showcase men as a "cityboys"; a boy who moves away from the typical village in order to explore his sexuality and indulge in the riches of the big city. We at LUI were lucky enough to receive a sneak preview of the upcoming series. Check them out below.

IMG 0910

"Cityboy" Photo by Petr Kurečka

DSC 7266

 "Cityboy" Photo by Petr Kurečka

Petr has a way of capturing the beauty in everyone; "Everyone can be a model, it's my job to make this happen". It's refreshing to see such a reknowned photographer with his feet firmly on the ground.

For more information, please refer to his website and official Facebook page.

IMG 3783

Milan Kolenyak Body of the Year. Photo by Petr Kurečka

back to school4

Back to School. Photo by Petr Kurečka