Are Gays Going To Help Le Pen To Be The President?

24. 4. 2017 07:00 Fashion
Are Gays Going To Help Le Pen To Be The President?

France faced the first round of presidential election yesterday and according to last night results that were not final yet, Macron was a leading man followed by Marine Le Pen. And interestingly enough one unbelieveable paradox helped her. Le Pen stands as a head of Front National, party that is not exactly a supporter of LGBT community, Le Pen plans to ban same-sex marriage. However LGBT community seems to stand with Le Pen.

Gays and lesbians are apparently not that interested in LGBT rights when deciding for whom they are going to wote in presidential elections. „Homosexuality itself isn't the only thing I vote for,“ said gay man called Cedric to BBC reporters while sipping a beer in Le Marais, the main gay district in Paris. He admitted he lives in a same-sex marriage and appreciates what France did for LGBT community. But he also stated he considers France’s economy, unemployment and other issues as more pressing.

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And he is not the only one. Polls show that Le Pen has a large supporting platform. Even despite the fact that her father Jean-Marie Le Penwho founded Front National stated on several occasions that homosexuality is a biological anomally. During his time the party was seen as too extreme, full of homophobia, racism and antisemitism.

His daughter Marine managed to get the party into serious politics. She promises to stop immigration and to put France’s good sake as a top priority dort he nation. And that appeales to many frenchmen including those LGBT community members. Is it going to be gays who in the end shall help extreme politician Marine Le Pen to get the top job?

Sources: BBC, NYTimes

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