The protection of your personal data and your rights for privacy and confidentiality on the Internet is important to us. Please read our principles on personal data processing. We want to explain how we process your personal data, what information we store and how we use it. 



1.1. The protection of your personal data is extremely important for us and we always comply with relevant regulation and international standards. 

1.2. In relation to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018 and relates to the processing of your personal data by our company DIVERSITY MEDIA, s.r.o., identification number 06165231, residing at Jugoslávská 16/8, 120 00 Praha 2 (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “we”), we provide a summary of information on the processing and protection of your personal data by our Company. 



2.1. The personal data we process differs depending on the purpose and the service provided: 

2.1.1. In order to enter into and manage a contract and carry out an order, service, or offer (such as price offer): 

  1. Identification (first name, surname, address) 
  2. Contact details (email, telephone number) 
  3. Company name, identification and VAT numbers, place of residence, delivery address (for businesses). 

2.1.2. In order to improve our services and offer: 

  1. Data on visits to our website (cookies, IP address, date, and time of visit ...) We process cookies automatically, using the Google Analytics tools that anonymize your personal data. The cookies we use cannot be identified with a specific person. 
  2. Data on your shopping habits and the way you use our services; for example, dates, prices, and names of the products you buy, as well as any communication with you connected to your purchase. 

2.1.3. For marketing purposes, including commercial communication and ad personalization: 

  1. Identification (first name, surname, address) 
  2. Contact details (email, telephone number) 
  3. Company name, identification and VAT numbers, place of residence, delivery address (for businesses).

2.2. We only acquire personal data directly from you and only the data you provide us with (especially when entering into a contract and during a contractual relationship). 



3.1. We use your personal data mainly for the following purposes: 

  1. for concluding a contract and executing your order; 

  2. for communicating with you and managing our contractual relationship; 

  3. for analysing, evaluating, and improving our customer service; 

  4. for handling your returns and complaints; 

  5. for meeting our legal obligations; 

3.2. We use technologies mainly to build your customer profiles when necessary for concluding and performing a contract or for protecting our legitimate interests, upon your consent or when this is permitted under the regulations that also stipulate the protection of your rights. 

We only store your personal data for as long as any of the abovementioned purposes for data processing applies and apart from that only for a time and under the conditions in accordance with the relevant legislation, as well as three (3) years after the abovementioned purposes have ceased to apply. If the Customer withdraws their consent on which the processing is based, DIVERSITY MEDIA, s.r.o. will erase or destroy the abovementioned personal data by fourteen (14) days from when the consent was withdrawn at the latest. 



4.1. The legal basis that allows us to process your personal data depends on the purpose of the personal data processing. In specific cases, we may process your personal data without your consent because: 

  1. it is necessary in order to conclude or perform a contract with you;

  2. it is necessary for meeting our legal obligations (e.g. for accounting or tax purposes); 
  3. it is necessary to protect our legitimate interests (for example in order to pursue claims based on concluded contracts or in order to analyse and improve our services); 

4.2. With your consent we may process your personal data for marketing purposes - offering our products, informing you of news or other commercial communication sent to your email or provided through personalized marketing and remarketing. You can withdraw your consent with this use of your personal data at any time by sending us an email informing us that you wish to withdraw your consent to, or by mail to the abovementioned Company address. 



5.1. We may share your personal data with: 

a. service providers who provide services connected to our activities; especially carriers, paying agents, persons who assist us in managing our contracts and your contractual performance claims, or who print and deliver documents, or IT managers (hosting, CRM, cloud), and other third parties; 

b.  other persons in accordance with the relevant legislations (for example notifications to tax authorities in cases stipulated by the law, to the police in case of criminal investigation, etc.). 

5.2. Your personal data may be transferred into and stored in the countries of the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as the “EEA”), which are deemed to have levels of personal data protection as the Czech Republic, as well as transferred to and store by entities residing outside of the EEA which include companies that provide information or other services. In case of transfers outside of the EEA, we will ensure your data is protected by negotiating necessary contractual clauses or using other corresponding GDPR-compliant guarantees. 



6.1. We process cookies automatically, using tools by Google Analytics tools and that anonymize your personal data. The cookies we use cannot be identified with a specific person.

We are therefore unable to track the behaviour of specific users on our website, ensuring maximum anonymity. 

6.2. Cookies are collected by a Google Inc. script in our website’s source code. We transfer your cookies to Google to be anonymized and only use the anonymized form. Anonymized cookies are no longer seen as personal data. The anonymization process constitutes a processing of personal data based on our legitimate interests. 

What is a cookie? 

It is a small text file created by every visit to a website. It is used as a standard tool for storing information on how our website is used. 

It allows us to distinguish (but not identify) individual users and adapt our content to their preferences. Cookies are important and make browsing the Internet much easier.

What are cookies used for?

They are used for several purposes. At, we use the following cookie types: 

Technical cookies: we use them to make sure our e-shop works correctly (for example so that you can create a user profile, sign up and buy products and services). The e-shop could not function without them. 

Functional cookies: they help keep you logged in and store your preferences (such as the language of our e-shop). Your password is always stored in an encrypted form. Using these cookies is not necessary, but it makes your visit to our e-shop much nicer and easier. 

Analytical cookies: they help improve our e-shop and in the end, they benefit you. Our analytical cookies are collected using a Google Inc. script, which anonymizes the data. After anonymization, they no longer count as personal data, because anonymized cookies cannot be assigned to a specific user or a specific person. We only used anonymized cookies, meaning we cannot find out what a specific user did on our website (which pages they visited, what products they viewed, etc.). 

We do not use the findings derived from these cookies for advertising purposes that would allow us to use this data to show you ads that we find relevant to your relation to us on other websites. If you want to control which of your analytical cookies we process, you can use a Google add-on (only for PC).

How can you influence which cookies we process? 

Simply use any of the most common Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) in the Incognito Mode, meaning none of your browsing data will be stored. You can also turn off cookies in your browser. However, if you turn off technical and functional cookies, it will also turn off some functions that are designed to help you. 

You can easily control how we process your analytical cookies by using this Google add-on (only for PC). If you turn off analytical cookies, you will sadly make it much harder for us to improve our website.

6.3. If you do not consent to us using your cookies and the data that we acquire from our website based on the cookies technology for the abovementioned purposes, you can: 

a. turn off cookies by selecting the correct setting in your Internet browser or another computer programme (i.e. set your browser or another programme to blocking or not using cookies). 



7.1. In relation to the processing of your personal data, you have in particular the following rights: 

  1. the right to clear, transparent, and comprehensible information on how we use your personal data and on your rights; 
  2. the right to access to your personal data and to further disclosure of information on their processing by the Company; 
  3. the right to correct wrong or incomplete personal data; the right to the erasure of your personal data, particularly if (I) it is no longer needed 
  4. for further processing; (II) you have withdrawn your consent with the processing of your personal data; (III) you had legitimately objected to its processing; (IV) it had been processed illegally; or (V) it must be erased in accordance to legislation; 
  5. the right to restriction of processing of your personal data if (I) you challenge the accuracy of the personal data, until we have verified its accuracy; (II) the processing is unlawful; (III) we no longer need the personal data but you need it in order to exercise your legal claims or (IV) you object against the processing, until we have verified whether our legitimate grounds override your interests; 
  6. the right to object to the processing of your personal data in case it is being processed (I) for direct marketing purposes or (I) for the purposes of our legitimate interests; 
  7. the right to obtain your personal data and transfer it to a different service provider;
  8. the right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection at Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7,

7.2. If you wish to exercise any of the abovementioned rights, please contact us using the contact details below. 



8.1. The security and confidentiality of your personal data is extremely important to us and to ensure it, we use technical and organizational measures, most importantly to protect your data from unauthorized access and misuse, to safeguard the security of our IT systems, and to recover data in case of any incident. Where appropriate, we protect your data by using encryption. We regularly evaluate and update all our measures. 

8.2. Personal data is processed both manually and in electronic information systems subject to physical, technical, and procedural monitoring. We use a safety mechanism for data protection, which includes technical, organizational and personnel measures, and we require the same level of protection from our processors. 



9.1. You can access the full version of our Personal Data Processing and Protection Principles at our website,, and at our residence. You can use the details below to request a physical copy. 

9.2. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data or you need any other related assistance or you want to exercise your rights, please contact the responsible person for personal data protection by telephone (between 09:00 and 10:00) at +420 724 744 170, by e-mail at, or by mail at the abovementioned Company address. 


In Prague on 24/05/2018.