Enjoy a boat tour or a romantic river wedding (or registration) without leaving Czechia

Boats and water are an inseparable part of the summer holidays. This summer will probably not grant you the opportunity for a cruise in the Caribbean, but you can get your share of boat tours in Prague. You don’t have to limit yourself to standard boat trips either. The boats that cruise the Vltava river in the capital offer spaces for corporate and private parties, birthdays, or even weddings (or registrations for same-sex couples).

Whether you live in Prague or you’re just visiting, now is a great time to enjoy a number of its sights that are usually besieged by international tourists. Same goes for boat trips on the Vltava, a favourite attraction for all those who want to admire Prague from the top deck with a glass of Prosecco. Right now, you can enjoy a cruise on the Vltava undisturbed by crowds, or even spice it up with great food and drink. Simply browse through the options offered by Prague Boats, a company specialized on sightseeing and restaurant cruises. You can also rent their boats for a variety of private events.

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There are of course many approaches to discovering Prague. Some enjoy roaming through the centre on foot, with a map in hand (or in their phones), while others prefer adding bonus experiences to their trip, such as river cruises. Prague Boats offer standard river cruises on the Vltava (for an hour or two), as well as panoramic cruises on their modern glass boat, an eco-cruise from Kampa on a boat fuelled by electric power only, as well as a cruise on board their ecological boats through the fairy tale nooks of the mysterious Devil’s Channel. Food lovers can also try out one of the luxurious restaurant cruises. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied by the wide variety of experiences on offer.

If you were planning to get married or enter a registered partnership this summer, for example on the beach or even on a cruise ship, don’t despair: not all is lost. The banks of the Vltava are not covered with palm trees and pristine white beaches, but just in case you are not quite ready to give up on your dream, a river cruise through Prague still has a lot to offer. And we’re not just talking about the stable backdrop of the Hradčany panorama.

Prague Boats also offer luxurious full service for their wedding cruises: not only boat rental, but also catering, decorations, entertainment, and full event management from A to Z, entirely customizable.

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If you're heading to Prague this summer, don’t hesitate to add one of these cruises for customers of all ages to your programme. Prague Boats vessels also offer ideal venues for private events. You can even hire a small private boat, with a captain who is fully at your disposal and will take you wherever you want to go (except, maybe, for the Caribbean).