Cycle in the footsteps of old Baroque masters - the many attractions of the Baroque cycling trails in the Plzeň Region

Most of us tend to connect the Plzeň Region with beer, but the region is actually full of beautiful nature trails and a number of baroque architectonic wonders. And if you don’t like hiking, you can admire them from a bike!

You can for example take a trip to one of the three baroque cycling trails in the northern part of the Plzeň Region. They will lead you to majestic buildings, such as the Mladotice Chapel, a castle in Manětín, or the impressive Kladruby Monastery, designed by the Czech architect of Italian descent Jan Blažej Santini. The trails differ in how demanding they are, but they are all around 40 km long. If you run out of strength midway, you can catch your second wind at one of the stylish Baroque resting places, with views at the loveliest sights of the northern Plzeň Region.

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All three baroque cycling trails start in the town of Plasy, which is full of attractions in itself. The town’s history is connected to a Cistercian monastery, which was rebuilt in the Baroque period by J. B. Santini himself. The Plasy Convent, built on several thousand oak stilts because of the marshy terrain, is also sure to catch your attention.

You can see the area surrounding the town if you follow the nature trail in the footsteps of Ludvík Otčenášek, a Czech scientist, designer, inventor, and aviation and rocket technology pioneer. If you want a more unconventional tourist attraction, you can visit the Museum of Pine Resin Extraction in the nearby gamekeeper’s cabin in Lomany u Plas. After you’ve seen everything, you can catch your breath the Knížecí pivovar brewery in Plasy, which has been in operation since 1144 when monks started brewing beer there.

The Plzeň Region is exceedingly proud of its baroque heritage and it has dedicated more than just thematic cycling trails to it. The trails are just one part of the unique West Bohemian Baroque project, which aims to teach both the region’s inhabitants and visitors about West Bohemian historical heritage. You can find full list of related events and an updated timetable at the project’s website

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West Bohemian Baroque is a project organized by the Plzeň Region and its goal is to popularize the region’s Baroque historical heritage. The project includes not only the historical monuments themselves, but also a number of cultural events organized throughout the year, for example the Summer Baroque Festival. The festival consists of eight celebrations in the region’s significant Baroque localities, organized every year (except for this year). It is also connected to a number of other cultural events, including concerts, plays, and pilgrimag.