We talked to a Czech Hunter actor. How does it look behind the scenes of videos that show guys getting paid for sex?

We visited a porn production in an inconspicuous office on the fringes of Prague’s centre; the birthplace of videos such as Czech Hunter, Dirty Scout, or the slightly older Debt Dandy. We talked to Dalibor, an actor, and Bella, the producer, in an office that regularly serves as a set to the Dirty Scout project, and we tried to find out what lies behind the projects that have been shattering porn servers.

Czech Hunter is a world-famous project. How many Czech Hunters are there? Is it just Dalibor?

Bella: We used to have several, but now we've stopped that because of the coronavirus. Dalibor is the only one.

I guess that’s good for you, right Dalibor?

Dalibor: I’m not sure. Try cumming three times a day. (laughter)

So you shoot three scenes a day?

Bella: When there’s a rush, yes, we do. We usually do two for Czech Hunter and one for Dirty Scout. We haven’t tried more and we’re not planning to. Two are ideal.

Dalibor: Dirty Scout gets shot in this office and Czech Hunter is usually outside. We try to do all our scenes outdoors, from the beginning to the sex. When the coronavirus restrictions were in force, we had to do the dialogues outside and the rest at a location, so we always rented out apartments and so on. We still do that sometimes. There’s no stable set because it’s supposed to look real.

What does a shoot day look like?

Bella: In the morning, people come in for tests, to sign contracts and so on. All that takes some time, and the pandemic means people spend even more time here. Before they would come, get their STD tests done in an hour, we’d get the shooting done in two hours and they’d go home. Now it takes about six hours.

How do you contact the guys and how do you persuade them to do it?

Bella: We have our recruiters who have their ads and websites all over the Internet, with references to shooting porn and ads for erotic work. People either contact us themselves through these ads or we approach them on various portals, date sites and so on.

And what then? How do you make them do it? Most of them know that the videos will be published in Czechia too, right?

Bella: Yes, that’s right. Of course, if anybody from the porn business sees an ad promising that the videos will not appear in Czechia and Slovakia, they find it quite funny. Naturally, we don’t sell our videos in Czechia or Slovakia, it’s not our primary market. Our primary market is Canada. But of course, we can’t stop people downloading them and placing them on other portals than we have sold them to, that’s just the Internet. Everybody should be prepared for that. We clearly say that to our guys. The videos can get to Czechia, everybody expects that. But the main thing for them is the money, that's the reason they do it.

How much can they earn this way?

Dalibor: It’s 5 to 15 thousand crowns, depending on how the guy looks, whether he’s a bottom or just a top, whether he cums in the video and so on. It’s porn, not an interview like what we're doing now. So, for example if he doesn’t cum, he gets less money.

Bella: The production is pretty expensive too. Tests cost quite a lot of money. Other productions ask their actors to pay for everything themselves, but here we cover all the costs. STD tests and now also coronavirus tests cost about 5 thousand crowns.

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So the guys just do one video “on the side”, earn some money and that’s it?

Dalibor: That depends. Some just do one thing and they don’t want to continue, while others go on and get the opportunity to start working with BelAmi or in Switzerland. They just need to look good and be interested. We have a lot of guys who work in Switzerland or Austria now, doing professional porn.

Bella: The guys usually do move on, they don’t just do one video, that’s true. If they are really interested, we put them in contact with other agencies, that’s up to them.

Dalibor: We’re basically like casting that you get paid for. We find new guys who have never done anything else. Then we see how they can speak on camera, how intelligent they are, and so on. I've got to say, doing a dialogue with someone is really an art.

What guys do you usually get? Mostly gays or mostly straight?

Dalibor: We get more straight guys. They are usually 18 to 30, but we’ve also had older guys who looked very young. But guys between 19 and 23 are usually interested the most. They’re usually just out of school and they don’t know what to do. Apart from Czechs, we also get a lot of Slovaks and Russians living in Czechia.

How do you come up with the scenes for the projects?

Bella: I’m usually the one to do that. I always come up with the draft of what I want to do in the week over the weekend. I pick locations and try to mix them up every time. But of course, there are some limitations. Not just because of the pandemic; the videos can’t show any advertising, there can be no animals, children, other people and so on. We’ve got about 35 pages of conditions from Canada and we have to stick to these.

We also have to change our plans because something came up fairly often. For example, it ends up raining, even though the day was supposed to be nice, so we have to change things and adapt to the situation. Or sometimes the arranged guy doesn’t come, or the guys might be too scared or too arrogant, so we have to adapt to that, to make it look natural. A confident guy can’t really play a whiny boy in a factory and it’s the same the other way around.

What problems do you encounter often? Does it happen that the guys can’t get aroused or that they’re too nervous to get hard?

Dalibor: We give them Viagra or Kamagra, but we always have to make sure they don’t have any heart conditions. But it’s really not that important that their dicks get hard. It’s their first scene. They should come in the end, yes, but we can solve that by turning the camera off and leaving them alone to watch a video. Then when they feel they’re close, we get back, turn the camera back on and shoot it. It’s not important, the audience can’t see that.

Bella: We get quite a lot of interesting moments. A week ago, one dude came all over us both. We had it in our hair, on the camera, my hand was full of the stuff. We had no idea he had it in him. (laughter) It took me like two days to wash the camera.

You are right there for the shooting, Bella?

Bella: Yes, usually. Sometimes when the sex is supposed to be really rough, the camera would be shaking too much if Dalibor was holding it. So I hold it and I get quite close. Sometimes it’s more of a comedy. Dream job. (laughter) When somebody asks me how my day at work was, I usually don't comment. (laughter)

Dalibor: Yeah, some of our stories are really fun. That one is pretty tame, but making gay porn means that our biggest problem often is that the guys can’t douche properly. I’m pretty used to it after the thirteen years, so it doesn’t occur to me, but it’s one of the most common problems.

I’m interested... do you have any other unusual stories?

Dalibor: One time we were shooting at a railway station and a train was supposed to pass us. We wanted to have a shot of the sex scene and the passing train, but then suddenly the train stopped and people started transferring to a bus, right in the middle of the sex scene.

Bella: Last week we were shooting outside and some women on bikes came and stopped right next to us to get a better look. (laughter)

Dalibor: I don’t really care, personally, I’m not shy. It doesn’t matter whether people look at me at home or live.  It’s more about the guys, they can get spooked.

Do the guys sometimes ask you to delete the videos after you've published them? Because their friends saw it or something like that?

Bella: That has happened a few times, but what are we supposed to do about it? We don’t give them fake contracts or anything they’d have trouble understanding. They can read the contracts and take their time with them, they contain everything. So in the end we just don’t care. Of course, sometimes we feel sorry for them, but if the video has been sold to another country already, we can’t do anything. They are the ones who came here, they are the ones who said yes and wanted it. We told them about all the risks and they still did it.

Dalibor: The only point where it might still be deleted is before we send the material to Canada. If they change their minds within two weeks, they can still stop it, but they’d have to pay all the production costs – the editing, the producer, the venue, and everything else.

I guess that doesn’t happen often, right?

Bella: I’ve got to say not many people have a sum like that ready. It’s not just about what they earned, but everything else too. A guy who came to us to earn money, who wants to shoot porn for money, doesn’t usually just have fifty thousand crowns to spare.

Dalibor: What I like most are the straight guys who come and ask how long it will take, whether anal will hurt and that they’d never tried it before... They’re always the ones cumming the hardest and saying: “My God, why have I not tried this before?” (laughter) The prostate has its power.

Bella: Some of them are depressed then, that they came and that they might be gay, but they don’t realize it’s just the prostate and that it’s not up to them. Then they usually write to us that they watched gay porn and didn’t get aroused, so they aren’t gay after all and they’re relieved. (laughter)

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I’d like to know, are you gay, Dalibor?

Dalibor: Yeah, I’m gay. But I don’t like anal.

You mean at all?

Dalibor: No, I mean being a bottom.

But sometimes you do it?

Dalibor: Well, sometimes I have to. But only in porn, never in my private life.

Bella: But rarely! We almost never have him bottoming in our scenes. He used to do it, but now I don’t want him to. He’s the top, he is Czech Hunter.

What’s the final value of the video, how much can you sell it for?

Bella: There are portals and productions that have their videos and their websites they put the videos on, and they get money per view. But we collaborate with a Canadian company that has its own portal, so they always send us the budget for a scene, and we do it. It’s not always the same. We can make one for 20 thousand, but sometimes it might even cost 60.

How many videos do you publish every week?

Bella: We used to publish three per week, but the coronavirus pandemic meant it’s just one now. But we shoot more. The Canadian production wants us to have several videos made ahead. They’re afraid that there might be a second wave of the outbreak, meaning people would be shut at home, watching porn a lot. (laughter)

It is true that for example PornHub often publishes interesting viewing statistics for different periods and Covid definitely helped... By the way, do your videos appear there?

Bella: Well, PornHub is actually the Canadian server we collaborate with.

Ah... that’s the one. (laughter) How many videos have you made this way?

548 episodes of Czech Hunter, 325 of Dirty Scout, and around 400 of Debt Dandy.

That’s quite a lot... Can you really find so many actors in Czechia?

Bella: More or less. But I’ve got to say that there’s about a hundred threesomes, meaning one guy playing in three scenes.

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And what about you Dalibor? Do people recognize you, even though you’re not visible in the videos?

Dalibor: The videos keep my identity secret, but people recognize me by my voice and my dick. But I’m ok with it, I’m not secretive about it. Would it be better if I worked in some factory somewhere? That’s no fun. I like working with people, I always have. So I really don’t mind people recognizing me.

Dalibor: It’s just a job and I don’t care about what anybody thinks. I’ll put it like this: A lot of people still think that the Czech Hunter scenes are real. That we really meet the people on the street, but that’s not possible. You need tests, contracts, GDPR. But at least you can see it works. Somebody might say we do amateur videos, but in that case, we know we do it well and our viewing statistics show that too.

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