Summer in full swing: what are the favourite destinations of Czech stars and influencers like Tereza Mašková, Maxim Habanec, David Pártl and others?

The summer season is well underway, and while travelling got a bit complicated due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing is stopping you from visiting beautiful places in Czechia or Croatia. These also include spots hand-selected by Czech stars and influencers, brought to you in the first episode of our special “The favourite destinations of Czech stars”. It includes tips by last year’s winner of the SuperStar TV competition Tereza Mašková, Maxim Habanec, a top Czech skateboarder, famous influencer David Pártl, a veteran of both seasons of the Czech reality TV Show Golden Youth Renato Salerno, and comic and beauty guru Sejroška.

Tereza Mašková: “I like discovering new spots in Czechia!”

I’m the type that likes discovering new places in the Czech Republic. I have great memories of one of my last trips – I discovered a place I really loved, Resort Sobotín. I originally went there for business, but when I got to see it all and meet the locals, I didn’t wait one minute and extended my stay. Resort Sobotín combines beautiful surroundings, great wellness, excellent food, and the nicest staff I have ever met. If I had to pick one place to come back to, this would be it.

Foto: Archiv Tereza Mašková
Foto: Archiv Resort Sobotín

Maxim Habanec: “I like to be active in my free time!”

I like spending most of my time with different activities, so my favourite destination is Wake and Fun, a modern water sport centre in Třeboutice. It’s ideal for me. My brother regularly goes there for wakesurfing and he was the one to show it to me. It was love at first sight for me and now I stop by anytime I have some free time. I love boardsports, so it’s exactly my thing: tiring myself out in the water and then having a cold pint at the bar. An ideal combination. The great thing is that surfing on the waves behind a boat is much easier than surfing on the ocean. It means I can have a much better time, but it can also serve as great practice for surfing fans.

Foto: Archiv Maxim Habanec
Foto: Archiv Wake and Fun Třeboutice

David Pártl: “I used to look down on Czechia, but that changed this year.”

I love travelling, but I always used to turn my nose up at Czechia, until the situation this year gave me the opportunity to see what’s in my neighbourhood. It was the first time I saw the Máj viewpoint or the Great America Quarry. I know most people have been there a thousand times. (laughing) But recently I found a completely new place on Instagram; I’d never been there and I’m planning to go. It’s an abandoned tin mine called Rolava, a great adventure for industrial scenery lovers.

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I also love the Orlické Mountains, my home region. I recommend going up the viewpoint at Velká Deštná, then continuing to the Masaryk Lodge and stopping by the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Neratov, which has a cross-shaped glass roof. I’d also definitely go for a guided tour to the WWII fort Hanička. I’ve also been thinking about Slovakia; I really love Spiš Castle and Orava Castle.

Renato Salerno “In the last three years, my favourite vacation spot has been Podgora in Croatia.”

For three years now, I've been spending my vacations in the Croatian Podgora. You can do anything you feel like there: be right in the centre of things or enjoy total tranquillity. In the mornings, I go jogging in the hills above the city or on the beach, during the days, I enjoy sunbathing and swimming, and in the meantime, I put together a quick meal in the flat. I eat gluten-free and lactose-free, so going out for food is quite a challenge. In the evening, I either walk along the seaside promenade, listen to live music, or sit at a bar.

A zombie drink is a must, especially in the happy hour. And you can bet Amanda Lear will play in the local bar called Ivana (though Mrs. Trump is not the owner) at least once every summer. An ideal vacation. And my absolute favourite? Renting a yacht, anchoring it somewhere by the cliffs and diving in the sea. I hope this year I will finally manage my evening trip to the memorial for victims of the Second World War, but the happy hour drink usually makes my feet pretty heavy. On the way home, I always stop in Austria or Hungary, in the hopes of making my holiday feel longer.

Lucie Schejbalová a.k.a. Sejroška: “Me and my friends usually go to Kovářská.”

I usually spend my summer working or minding my kids at the summer camp, but when I have time, I like going with my friends to Kovářská, a small town in the Chomutov District, on the German border. The beautiful Ore Mountains. I like to go there in the summer because the winters are unbearable. To put it politely, it gets extremely cold there. In the summer, you can go hiking, for example to Königsmühle, an abandoned settlement from the 1950s, which is now marked only with ruins. You can also hike up (or in my case, crawl up) Velký Špičák, which offers marvellous views of the area. If culture is your thing, you can visit the museum of a battle from 1944 when a local elementary school was hit by a plane. You can also take a cabin car to the Klínovec hill, borrow scooters and scoot down at lightning speeds. Tried it, can recommend it!

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If I happen to go to Klínovec in winter, my friends force me to go skiing or snowboarding. I hate that, but I guess I’d do anything to make them laugh. There is a bunch of slopes, as well as snow throughout most of the year. We always stay with a friend, so I can’t offer that to the public, but there’s a lot of hotels and hostels, so if you’re good with Google, no problem. And for food, definitely stop by in Penzion Anna in Loučná pod Klínovcem. They offer quite a lot of great post-workout options and a little bird told me that a new brewery, Červený vlk, recently opened in the nearby Boží dar, which is worth investigating.

Foto: Archiv Sejroška
Foto: Archiv Sejroška


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